Most reputable breeders will offer a written guarantee for genetic disease that can appear later in life, as most large breed dogs come with risk of genetic disease some allot of risk.

German shepherds can have genetic disease just like any other animal but as long as the parents are tested free of disease most of the puppies they produce are also.

Buying any puppy from a shelter or a breeder presents risk of disease that can cause unforeseen vet bills, allot of breeders like to say oh that never happens to them all my dogs are always healthy, Well I have been doing this for nearly 30 years and "nature " just does not work that way, not all puppies are perfect all the time and any breeder that says that who has been breeding for any amount of time has had a sick dog or puppy effected with a genetic disease. weather they tell you about it or not . So when I buy a puppy I know the honest breeder will say, "yes", I have replaced a few pups from this or that ... I never buy from a breeder that say's "Oh nothing ever goes wrong with my dogs". Been there, done that,and guess what those breeders that say that have the sickest dogs. That has been my experience time and again.

Guarantee's help protect the buyer and the breeder if you don't have the contract you effectively have no guarantee and the breeder is not obligated to replace or refund anything after the puppy leaves the property.

Buying a puppy is often like adopting a child there's no 100 % guarantee they will be well behaved That is up to discipline and training and what you do with your puppy as far as socialization. And there is no way the breeder can have a looking glass and see into the future for most genetic things that can go wrong later.

most breeder contracts offer replacement puppies I am one of the few that sometimes will refund money up to half of the purchase price or offer a replacement puppy and not demand return of the original pup...

****Please be sure to read the contract on the net before your purchase from Royalair because this must be signed and returned to me when you pick up the pup or with in ten days after or all guarantees are Void and puppy is considered sold AS IS..

Pet Health Insurance is Very important in this day and age ! Vets have a different philosophy now, for many its money first, treat before there is a problem philosophy.(which in my opinion is killing dogs).but accidents and disease cannot be predicted, and vet bills are much higher then they used to be. so I strongly recommend it.. Its amazing how many pups will get the flue or eat something they cannot pass. SO I know recommend it, ! But the AKC insurance is awful please go with one of these top insurances. rates are generally very reasonable. most cover everything, for 30 dollars a month. make sure plans cover genetic conditions as well otherwise they will deny coverage even for many known non- genetic conditions.

PET INSURANCE I recommend healthy paws